Be Careful What You Wish For!

In February I won an Online Web Marketing Starter Kit with Kase Dean worth £5,000! I was elated!



The package included 8 weeks Skype coaching with Kase (he lives in France),  and a re-vamped website, which I expected to generate more sales.  I’m sure that’s what would have happened – if I’d managed to complete the 8 weeks!

When I ‘asked’ for a partner to help me with my business, I thought Kase was an answer to my prayers, especially when he agreed to partner with me!

After 4 weeks however, I found I was having difficulty keeping up with his weekly assignments, and that the package was more of a course, which wasn’t what I was looking for.  I was expecting Kase to upgrade the SEO on my website so that I attracted more of my ideal customers.  I didn’t want a new website.  I didn’t want to be re-branded.  All I wanted was to get more traffic to my website by my ideal buyer.

 The saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ applies in this case!  Even if I was paying Kase, no amount of money would have relieved me of my weekly tasks!  His business model, while great, didn’t suit me. I think I needed to be a bit more specific!

I’m back working on the revision of my novel, which is taking longer than I thought, and I’m uploading the e-books to Amazon as I finish each chapter, or ‘Year’.  You can read Year One FREE right here! (just click on the link).


If you need help with developing a strategy for your business, I can say Kase is the man!  To find out more about what he does, and to book your FREE initial consultation with him, visit

In your service,




Cezanne Taharqa

(Author/Poet/Artist/Events Host/Workshop Facilitator)

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