Would You Propose?

Today is February the 29th, a Leap Year – the perfect opportunity to propose to your man if you’re a lady!

Would you propose?

For some people, getting the ring on is the ultimate goal in life, and marriage is a symbol of commitment, respect and stability.  But have you identified any issues you may have that has prevented you from holding on to your man (or woman) in the past? Or if you are in a relationship, do you know why you haven’t had that proposal yet?

You may be wondering why you are still single when you have so much going for you.  As a single woman of African descent myself, I realized that many of my issues were deeply rooted in the past, especially my ‘Independent Black Woman’ attitude.  In order for me to heal, I had to get to the ROOT CAUSE of my issues and heal myself psychologically, emotionally and even ancestrally.

I discovered that some things are so deeply rooted in our DNA, that we don’t even know why we act the way we do.  Until you can identify your issues and heal from them, your chances of being able to maintain a long-term, committed, happy, healthy relationship are minimal.

But there’s hope!


How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘ is FREE to read!  (Just click on the link to open the PDF).  It has contributions from over 30 brothers, and helps you identify your issues, heal from them, so that you can then progress to a healthy, happy relationship, leading to marriage (best done with both of you in agreement).

Once you have healed, the book introduces the DIY Arranged Marriage, which involves doing the 6 Month Test designed to help you progress up the Ladder to Dating Success!

Wedding Rings

You can also order your personally signed paperback copy from my Book Tour page – join me at one of my Book Signing & Discussion Events where we will have fun discussing the topics raised in my Self-help books!

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