Mars in Scorpio – My driving force!

Since the beginning of January, I’ve been riding a wave!


Being a water sign, I liken my bouts of inspiration to surfing a wave; most of last year the water was still; I never try to force the inspiration, I just wait for it to come – well, I’m riding the wave!   I not only revised my books and brought them up to date, but I designed new covers for them as well! I credit my ‘current’ flow of inspiration to the fact that Mars (my ruling planet) is in Scorpio (my Sun Sign); when Mars is in Scorpio attitudes and actions become intense, powerful, willful and transforming.  Scorpio is about getting to the bottom of things so that they can be completely transformed, and warrior Mars is made to stimulate and provoke change.  Mars and Scorpio share a strong relationship with sexuality, so it’s no wonder my novel covers the topics of sex, religion and transformation of the mind!  Would you like to ride with me?


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My books, poetry and art are my way of sharing everything I’ve learnt since asking God for ‘the Truth!’ in 2007.  If you are a Truth-seeker, they will help you on your own personal journey of Self-discovery, transformation of the mind, and discovering True Love!

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Join me at my monthly Book Signing & Discussion Events taking place from April onwards in the UK & USA!  Purchase your paperback (click on the images above to purchase individual books from, or use the Paypal button below to buy all three), read them in advance, then come and join in the discussion!  This will also be a good opportunity to ask me any questions, and to meet like-minded people! When you purchase your paperback(s) you will be emailed invitations to up-coming events in your town.   (‘Follow’ this blog to receive details of future events by email).

This is a clip from the Book Launch of the First Edition of ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger:


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