Does Charles Really Exist?

“Your book is amazing!!!! It spoke to me on SOOOO many levels – it was as though you were writing about my experience at times. The church thing is SOOOO on point!!! While experiencing a range of emotions, I wondered, pondered, shrieked, gasped and almost wept when I came to the end!!! From the opening sentence, I felt compelled to read all the way through – I didn’t stop until a few minutes ago! And PLEASE GOD (or Whomever) – any chance of meeting someone like Charles?????”  ~ Silverloxfox, London

A lot of people have asked me if the  ‘Charles’ character in my novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘ really exists.  Of course he does!  Somewhere….

Let me explain; I made him up in order to share everything I’d been learning since asking God for ‘the Truth!’ in 2007.  I didn’t want it to sound as if the main character Suzanne was this super all-knowing being, so I created another character.  The brother who I based the Charles character on does exist, but we didn’t have any of those deep, meaningful conversations; he just wasn’t on the same page as me in that respect.  But we had the chemistry, and the way the two main characters met, was exactly the way we met in real life.  It was so profound that I wrote it into Year One of the story.  I did my best to describe the experience in writing; the best way I could put it is that time literally stood still.  When I emailed him the chapter to read, he called me up early the following morning and gave me his version of our first meeting.  He advised me to include it in the story, but not in Year One – to just throw it in randomly somewhere, and that’s exactly what I did!  You can find his narration in Year Five: ‘Flashback’ – both extracts are available to read FREE in the link below!


If you ever meet your twin soul, it’s a life-changing experience.  When you read both of our accounts, you’ll wonder why we’re not together.

twinflamesoulmatesigns (1)

I didn’t learn about the twin soul/twin flame phenomenon until 8 years into our ‘relationship’. That’s when everything began to make sense as to why we were never able to ‘get it together’.  The woman who first explained it to me exclaimed “I wouldn’t want to meet my twin soul!”

The purpose of twin souls meeting is not about falling in love and living happily ever after.  There is always a deeper, more universal reason relating to the whole of humanity, not just the couple.  I know for a fact that if I hadn’t met my twin soul, my novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ wouldn’t exist today.

Whenever we had an ‘encounter’, it would always end destructively.   I started off writing the book through my pain (I wrote all the sex scenes first!).  If you’ve seen the film ‘Hannibal’ with Will Smith, I’m sure it’s about twin souls!

So yes, ‘Charles’ does exist as a real person, but only in terms of his personality and character.  The way the story ended was symbolic of the way our ‘relationship’ ended.  But he will always be with me in spirit, because he’s my Twin Flame.




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