Why Change the Title?

When I first published my novel Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! in 2011, I was eager to share everything I’d learned since asking God for “the Truth!” in 2007.

Since then, I had been learning about the creative power of my mind, Universal Laws, and the his-story of the religion I’d been indoctrinated into;  I thought my new way of thinking was finally going to help me to begin creating the life of my dreams.

But 4 years later, I’d made little progress in my finances, despite having created beautiful books, poetry and art.  This made me go back to my Creator and ask “What’s going on?”  It was as if God replied “Now you’re ready for the other stuff!”

I began learning about the level of MIND CONTROL on the planet, and that even the film and book ‘The Secret’ which I had followed so diligently, had essential parts missing, much like the bible.

I went to Ghana for 4 months, and upon my return revised my novel, added two new chapters (Years 12 & 13),  and re-titled the book ‘Journey of a Sister‘.

I changed the title because;

  1. The First Edition was INTERCEPTED
  2. So many sisters told me the book had ‘really helped them on their journey’, and that it was as if I was telling their story!
  3. I thought the new title might appeal more to my church brothers and sisters, a large part of my target audience.

After publishing the First Edition I became a Targeted Individual.

As you can imagine, I panicked at first, but then I realized the importance of my book even more.

The ‘powers that be’ are using our minds (mass consciousness) to achieve their goals, and religion is one of their greatest tools for mind control on the Black community, just like it was during the ‘Slave trade’ era.  The biggest issue single Christians have is the ‘no sex before marriage’ rule.  As a single black woman, the chances of getting married are something like 10-1.  As a single Christian, what do you do?  Well, I discovered that ‘fornication’ doesn’t actually mean ‘sex before marriage’, and I’ve explained what it DOES mean in the Second Edition of my book!  There are some other major changes I’ve made, you can start by reading Year One FREE!

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