What if God is a Black Woman?

This week I collaborated with a German poet (a Christian) and put my vocals to his music and Prayer Poem Silent Holy Knowing.  We connected on a soul level that trascended colour, but I noticed he always referred to God as HE and HIM, so I had to ask if he really believed that God was a man.  He said he KNOWS.  That got me thinking.

I grew up in a Christian home, and accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour was of utter importance.  We had pictures around the house of Jesus on the cross etc; our ‘Saviour’ was supposedly a white man.  As I grew older and began developing my own relationship with my Creator, I started to question a lot of what I’d been taught to believe.

When we were growing up, if we asked our mother questions about the bible like “What if Jesus isn’t the only way to God?” or “What if we don’t go to heaven when we die?”  she’d reply “You’re going to What if yourself into hell!” 

In my thirties, as an unmarried Christian mother of two young boys (I fornicated and had them ‘out of wedlock’) I began being inspired to write inspirational poetry based on scriptures.  This is one of them, it’s about recognizing the Source of all my gifts and talents:


But what if God isn’t a white male? What if God looks like me?

After all, didn’t King James and those who constructed the bible (from ancient manuscripts) commission the artist Michaelangelo to paint pictures of Jesus and the other bible characters to look like them? So why can’t I think of God as being a Black Woman?

Makes sense to me.  I mean, if God is a Spirit and colour doesn’t matter, why have they (the religious establishment) gone through so much trouble to remove images of the Black Christ and Black Madonna and replaced them with white images?  If God is white, and our Saviour is white, that makes the white man God, right?  So if Black people must think of their Saviour as white, think of the psychological implications of that….


It’s not a coincidence that the poem we collaborated on (which he wrote) was all about being in ‘The Silence’.  But I haven’t heard from him since I told him that I believe that we are ALL ‘God in the flesh’ and that I got the revelation of the scripture ‘Be still….and KNOW….that I…AM…GOD!‘ during a two-hour session of sitting in ‘The Silence’……

‘Silent Holy Knowing’ a Prayer Poem by HeiligGeist DeutschChill feat. Cezanne Poetess:


Coincidentally, both these poems will help you connect with ‘The Source’!

Stay blissed!







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