Mad Art Sale – ends 31st Oct!

If you love my art, now’s your chance to walk away with a bargain!

Journey of a Sister

Would you love to own one of my ORIGINAL paintings?  Now’s your chance!

I have to raise £800 by 8th October to pay the balance on my 10-day tour to Ghana (I was supposed to have been paying in monthly installments!).  So here’s the deal; the only things I possess that will help me raise that kind of money in such a short space of time are my ORIGINAL paintings, so I’m willing to sell them off at MAD PRICES, just to reach my goal!

Four of my paintings are on display at The Enterprise Centre, 639 High Road Tottenham, London N17 for their Black History Month exhibition, you can go and view them there!

My paintings were previously priced much higher, but right now my main concern is raising £800 in the next 7 days, so you could walk away with a bargain!

I’ve added photos and a…

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