My Collaboration with a German Poet

I wouldn’t normally update my blog in the middle of the week, but I’ve had an interesting few days and I wanted to tell you all about it!

Over the weekend, I received a friend request on Facebook from a man in Germany called ‘HeiligGeist DeutschChill‘.  I don’t normally accept request from random people, but I saw that he was married, a Christian, and living in Germany so I thought “Why not?”

He inboxed me some music he had produced, and I sent him the link to my Soundcloud so he could listen to some of my Christian poems.  He liked them, and asked if I could put my voice to some of his music.  He said he’s been looking for a singer for the last 4 years, so I told him I’m more of a Spoken Word Artist than a Singer!  Anyway, he emailed me the track, with the lyrics that he wanted me to sing to.  He also sent me a voice recording of him reciting the poem, and since he had written the poem in both English and German, I asked him to send me a recording of him reciting the poem in German as well.  This was on Sunday.  We connected spiritually, and I was so inspired by the music and words that I worked on it all day on Monday, and this is the result which turned out to be a very meditative track:

This was a major paradigm shift for me because I never considered that the ‘white male’ would be someone I could work with.  It was only recently that I ‘opened my mind’ to working outside of the ‘black conscious community’.


I directed him to where he could read Year One of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! FREE, and after reading it, he was inspired to write this poem:

A Prayer Poem
By Heilig Geist (inspired by Cezanne Poetess)

What is the
Meaning of life
Asking in
Deep contemplation

Getting to the
Bottom of the
Real important
Things and issues

The deepest desire
Developing a deep
Relationship to

But how to get
How to go
How to ask
How to think

Reading the bible
Praying with words

Serving HIM
Desiring HIM
Crying for HIM
Going to church for HIM


It´s feeling HIM
Opening the heart
Opening the spirit
Opening all for HIM

Being one
With HIM
With You
With nature

The wonder
Of HIS creation
Of HIS nature

This is a
For me – from
Thinking to feeling

A new born
Deep believing

Hallelujah and



Was ist der
Sinn des Lebens
Fragend in
Tiefer Kontemplation

Vordringen bis auf den
Grund der
Wirklich wichtigen
Dinge und Themen

Die tiefste Sehnsucht nach einer
Entwicklung einer tiefen
Beziehung zu

Aber wie bekomme ich heraus
Wie es weiter geht
Wie man weiter fragt
Wie man denkt

Lesen der Bibel
Beten mit Worten

Ihm dienend
Nach IHM wünschend
Für IHN weinend
Für IHN in die Kirche gehend


Es ist IHN zu fühlen
Das Herz zu öffnen
Den Geist zu öffnen
Alles für IHN zu öffnen

Eins sein
Mit ihm
Mit dir
Mit der Natur

Das Erfühlen
Des Wunders
Seiner Schöpfung
Seiner Natur

Dies ist eine
Für mich – vom
Denken zum Fühlen

Ein neu geborener
Tief gläubiger

Halleluja und


When I finished writing the novel in 2011, I knew I wasn’t where the main character was in the story; she reached a point where she began to view every body as a Divine Spirit living in a human body.  I was still hung up on the black-white issue, the effects of slavery on Black people, and such like.  I’m still not 100% free of this mindset, but the lesson this has taught me is to keep an open mind, and to be open to all opportunities that come my way.

I feel another collaboration coming on!

Stay blissed!


Touching the Heart…through Art!


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