‘The Preparation’ is all about SHARING ENERGY

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‘The Preparation’ was written to compliment my painting ‘My King’; I was actually staring at the painting while writing the poem!  I was also listening to an instrumental by acoustic guitarist Theo Calliste while writing the lyrics, as I was collaborating with him to write poetry to 11 of his compositions! (8 are on my CD ‘Seeds of Love’)

‘The Preparation’ is an inspired piece of writing; it’s one of my poems which I didn’t have to think about much while I was writing.  I believe ‘The Preparation’ is actually a sacred ritual; a woman is supposed to know how to prepare her man for sex, especially if he’s had a rough day in the outside world.  She must know how to create a peaceful home environment that will heal his mind and body, and not allow him to come home and transfer any negative energy that he may have picked up from work or from relating with negative people during his day.   This works the other way around too!  It could be the man or woman who is feeling drained of energy; The Preparation‘ is about SHARING ENERGY.  There may be times when your partner is feeling drained of energy, and you may have to transfer some of your energy to them; then when they are feeling rejuvenated, they can transfer the energy back to you:

As you walk in,

I can feel your passion…rising.

But you’re not ready for me

See, you’re still carrying the negative energy

You picked up along the way during your day.

So let me run you a bath

And help you wash all your troubles away

Leave behind all the pressures of life

The worries and strife

The drama, the bills

And enter if you will, into my Queendom…

A safe haven

A place of mental freedom

Feel my energy

Come, lay your head on my chest

Let me stroke your face,

Erase the tension,

Feel my breath

as I whisper sweet words of love in your ears

Ease your fears,

Let me massage away the stresses of the day

Relax, enjoy!

Let your Self go

Think of nothing,

Not even me

Let the aromatherapy soothe your mind, spirit, soul and body

Allow it take over all your senses

Let your mind be free

Hmmm…there you go

Now you’re ready for me!

Touch me, and now I want you to

Touch me, you know it’s only you

Who can make me feel the way that you do

So touch me and make my dreams come true.

You’re my Sun, I’m your Moon

Ooooh, there’s nothing more I love to do

Than to share my energy with you

‘Cos you give it back to me so damn good!

(Oh baby, you make me wanna sing

with this sweet sweet loving you’re giving!)

So touch me,

Lay your kisses on me and

Touch me all over my body baby

‘Cos when you’re touching me your love for me I feel

So touch me and let me feel your energy

Mmmmm….yeah, right there baby…

© Cezanne 2010

Music: Theo Calliste spiritra@hotmail.co.uk

Sexual energy is a powerful force, and we haven’t been shown how to use it properly, apart from to have sex, but it has many other uses!  We aren’t even told what’s happening spiritually when we join our physical bodies with another.  If you have multiple sexual partners, or you are sleeping with someone who is an ENERGY VAMPIRE, you can end up mentally, emotionally and spiritually DRAINED!

Energy Vampires will DRAIN your energy without giving it back – My poem ‘BEWARE THE VAMPIRE!‘ tells you how to recognize one! (Click on the link to listen to/read the poem).  I have to admit that I was vex when I wrote it,  and I was never going to release it because I thought about the fear it might create, but it’s one of my inspired poems, and I do believe it’s my duty to ‘warn the sisters’ about this type of brothers!

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