Original Art Sale Ends Today!

Are you looking for a beautiful piece of original art to brighten your home, office or venue?   Then you may like to purchase one of mine!

Today is the last day of my Art Sale and they are all on offer at reduced prices which are negotiable: one has been sold, and another is on offer:

'My King' by Cezanne 2008

‘My King’  SOLD!

'Blue Lotus' by Cezanne 2010

‘Blue Lotus’ ON OFFER

If you are interested in ‘Blue Lotus’ and wish to bid on it, call me on 07944 244 116 to find out the price currently offered!

Other paintings on offer:

Black Orchid Products

‘Black Orchid’

Moondance Products


'Love Bump' by Cezanne 2009

‘Love Bump’  (used to illustrate my book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’

For full details of paintings on offer, go to my previous post.

Most of my paintings have been used to illustrate my Self-help books, and all have a deep meaning to them; to learn more about the Colour Therapy and Symbolism used in my paintings visit my Art Page!

This is a great opportunity to not only get one of my original paintings to brighten your home, but to invest in one of my originals (as they WILL go up in value!).

Easy payment terms are also available, so don’t miss out!


Touching the Heart…through Art!

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