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I’m in the process of publishing my 9 year old son’s children’s story ‘Sam’s 10th Birthday!’.  He wrote the story when he was 8 years old:  One day, I was in the kitchen washing the dishes with the music blaring (I need music to do boring things like housework!) and AJ was in the living room sitting on the floor with his colours and paper.  He came into the kitchen and handed me a piece of paper (as they do) with a story he had just written.  It was funny, had a moral to it, and I couldn’t believe he’d just sat there and written it like that.  I believe that was the day he got ‘the gift’.


I thought it would be a good idea to publish it, to encourage him to write more!  A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I was going to publish my son’s book, and a lady by the name of Gloria saw it and invited me to bring him to read his story at a library not too far from us the following day.  When I told him he was horrified and said “It wasn’t meant to be a book, I only wrote it for fun!”  Anyway, I managed to get him to read it out, and lo and behold!  A journalist was in the audience and the local Guardian now want to run his story!  (I’m beginning to think children get it a lot easier than us adults!)

On Friday I set up a Crowdfunding website to raise the money to pay the illustrator (I’m doing the line drawings, he’s filling them in) and to print a stock of the books.

photo (4)



I took photographs of AJ to do the drawings from, then sent the first few drawings to George Eyo (Illustrator) and he’s beginning to put the flat colour in, they will all be finished by mid-June, so we can have the books ready by July!

This is the part in the story where Sam wakes up and is excited at the prospect of receiving lots of new toys for his birthday!

However, when he receives Love Letters from his family instead, he’s not happy!

Sam Opening Letter

AJ’s book project is now featured on the Crowdfunding website!

Help AJ reach his target of £3,000 and get a SIGNED COPY of the book in return!  View his campaign on Indiegogo – if you live in London, why not join him at his book launch on July 26th? (You’ll get details when you make your donation)






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