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I am about to embark on a Book Tour across England and America in order to share the messages in my books, art and poetry, which I believe will help free my people from mental slavery.

At my monthly Book Signing Events we will have fun discussing the topics raised in my books, which tackle taboo subjects like Black Sex & Spirituality and promote Black Love (beginning with Self Love), remind us that ‘We Belong Together‘, and help us work towards building Sustainable Black Relationships.

Watch a short clip from my last book launch to get an idea what future Book Signing Events will be like (full-length video coming soon!)

Why is this Book Tour so important?

Everything I’ve learnt since  asking God for ‘the Truth’ in 2007, I’ve shared through my work.

Many of us are unaware of where our negative ‘programming’ comes from:  Self Love issues, broken families, lack of trust, not wanting to be associated with our culture or to know our history, serving a false god, and suppressed sexuality (our power) through religion, were all forced upon Africans during the slave trade and Colonialism.  We, their descendants, are still suffering the effects.

What YOU will get for Sponsoring ME:

£5 will get you PDF downloads of both books!

£10 will get you a signed copy of my Self-help book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’

£15 will get you a signed copy of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ and its complimentary poetry CD ‘Seeds of Love’!

£30 will get you both signed books, the CD and its Book of Lyrics!

£50 will reserve your Limited Edition signed book of my artwork in full colour explaining the Colour Therapy and Symbolism used in my paintings!

£100 will get you a set of 8 mounted A3 Prints of my artwork – you can even get ORIGINALS!

 Visit Indiegogo to choose what you would like to receive in return for your giving!

I am also seeking 3-4 Black Businesses to sponsor my Book Tour and in return your logo will be placed on the 10,000 flyers I’m getting printed (that will be distributed wherever I go), and depending on the amount of your contribution, you can even receive a percentage of the sales of my books!  Read my SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL for details!

Help me make a positive impact in the Black Community this year!

Make a Donation via Paypal

Alternatively, you can make a DONATION using secure Paypal, no amount is too great or too small, and you can pay in all currencies!

Host Venues

I am also seeking Venues both in England and America to sponsor my Book Tour by providing space for me to hold my Book Signing Events (capacity 60-100 people); if you are a bookshop, library or venue that serves the Black community, please get in contact with me using the form below, or call (+44) 7944 244 116

I would love to take my eldest son Zaviere with me on tour; it was him who video’d my performance of “I Need a MAN!” at my last book launch, and he usually mans the table with my products on it; how will I manage without him?  Your donations will also ensure that I have adequate money for flights and hotel accommodation, daily expenses (e.g. cab to and from venues) and food.

If you believe in me and my products, and that they can help make a positive change within the Black community, please support the cause;  make your Donation here and help make my Book Tour a great success!

Many thANKHS in advance!


Read Year One of  ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘ FREE!

Preview ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ FREE!

Visit my Events Page for details of events I’m taking part in where I’ll be selling my products 

For more details, visit my Book Tour Page

Read my other blog ‘Black Sex & Spirituality’

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