Last week I was watching the film ‘Pain and Gain‘ with my two older boys.  Not really my type of film, but one thing I DID learn from it was:

Get a Goal

Get a Plan

Get up off your Ass!

Another thing the chiny guy said was “Be a doer, not a don’ter”

So what’s stopping you from reaching your goals in 2014?  Are you a doer, or a procrastinator?

Black Butterfly Reach the MoonFor the last 5 years I’ve been slogging away at reaching my goals and I have to say, it hasn’t been easy, but I set high goals for my Self!  I always kept in mind; ‘To get what others don’t have, you have to be prepared to do what others won’t do’. I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone, been in the most uncomfortable of situations, and sometimes doubted whether I am really on the right track.  Yet after setting my intentions of what I wanted to achieve, I’ve painted 11 paintings, produced my first CD, and written two Self-help books.  Am I on my way to reaching ‘the moon’?  Good heavens, YES!

The sky is no limit, aim higher!

Join us at my Goal-Setting Workshop this Sunday 5th January at The Mella Center, 73 Oxford Street London W1 2ED from 2-6pm, where I will help YOU put a Plan into Action to reach YOUR goals too!

Errol McGlashan (the brother who helped my edit my Self-help novel Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!) will be co-facilitating with me;  he has more practical knowledge of running Goal-Setting Workshops than I do, and will be on hand to assist me in helping YOU put an Action-Plan together that will help you set and reach your goals!

Are you ready to take Positive Action?  Then join me this Sunday! Get your £10 ticket from Eventbrite TODAY!  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 2pm!

Cezanne Poetess 😀

P.S. If you are unable to buy your ticket(s) online and prefer to pay in cash on the day, please call/text 07944 244 116 to reserve your place

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Touching the Heart…through Art!

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**The Mella Center is a new African centre which has a range of Black businesses offering clothing, black books, crystals, natural herbal products, art, vegetarian/vegan food and more – come and experience a taste of culture in the heart of the West End; FREE entertainment every weekend!  How to get there:  The Mella Center is situated at the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street, and is opposite the Halifax Bank, next to some scaffolding (the shop is currently labelled ‘Live 4 Love’) go through the shop floor and down to the basement!*

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