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I’m feeling totally inspired after the launch of my latest Self-help book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger!’

How to Get the Ring On Your Finger Front Cover

Here’s some of the feedback I received:

“Thank You Cezanne for another fantastic event. It was very well attended, informative, healing, & it was also very nice to see so many Brothers in attendance, looking forward to reading the book, & the artwork that I won is absolutely beautiful; I think synchronicity is very much at play here; the photo reminds me of ‘Him’, I believe he was Heaven Sent & the day before yesterday he sent me a photo of himself wearing blue with his arms outstretched. Do I want a ring on my finger? I’d prefer chemistry, commitment, communication, elevation, motivation & trust, all of which I’m receiving & very grateful for. The gift of the artwork is the ‘confirmation’.  More power to you Sis, speak to you soon & enjoy your retreat in Ghana, DebRose x

(Debrose won a framed print of ‘Wings of an Eagle‘ in the Raffle – I Raffled 4 framed prints, a signed copy of both my books, and some laminated prints of my artwork)

Wings of an Eagle Products copy

“Excellent night! appreciated hearing the view points of some of the brothers who contributed to “How to Get the Ring On Your Finger” albeit, some of their views may have been a bitter pill to swallow! The fact you gave us the opportunity to get together in one space discussing relationships etc. Is a credit to u. Give thanks continue to shine sis. Look forward to the next event. Peace & blessings” ~ Ashanti Michelle

“The Aftermath: I will like to personally thank Cezanne Poetess for putting on such a magnificent night. It was such a pleasure becoming acquainted with so many Afro-Caribbean faces both old and new. The attendance was wonderful but even more so the contribution from the panel that included myself as well as the audience that in many ways became the panel. Their input was tremendous and the way you guys the audience welcomed my thoughts, clapped and smiled brought joy to a brothers heart so thank you for being so receptive. I would like to thank Cezanne Poetess once again for inviting me on this journey and giving me a seat on the panel. Hopefully we will have many more events like these because ‘How to get a ring on the finger’ is very important and not only are we talking a ring but commitment where in a generation that does or no longer exists. It’s about upbringing, it’s about changing a generational curse. It’s about good teachings. I would also like to Thank You Kwame McPherson for the very welcomed voice of know, I see a good brother when I meet one and your book is on the hit list” …… Author Darren Moxam

“Thank you for tonight Cezanne, had such an enjoyable and thought-provoking evening.  Great people, great vibes, great cause!  I really wish you all the best on your journey, you are really an inspiration to me and I’m sure many more.  Keep up the great work!  God
bless you x”  Siobhan

“OMD! If you missed this event, you simply missed out. Firstly let me thank Cezanne Poetess for her gracious talent and artwork you are truly a soul sis-Star and I was delighted to win your Blue Lotus artwork, it will take pride of place in my home. Danni Blechner what an awesome pre birthday celebration eh, thanks for rolling with me Miss Entrepreneur or is it Mrs? Teehee. Darren Moxam you are magnetic and gifted with your words…in particular your response to my question about what a man looks for in a wife is enlightening. Yeah a man does want a best friend in his woman for sure. Author Kwame McPherson your poetry was so beautiful that I had to film it, you connected with me on a soul level and I felt every single word.  I learned men want love just as much as a woman does and once they get it they will indeed cherish their soul mate you know the one they cannot live with out. I sat down and I listened to all the panel answered my question ‘what is the top three things you look for in a wife’? and their answers were precise and in chorus they are ultimately seeking a woman to understand them and love them unconditionally. Here’s to: How To Get The Ring On Your Finger clink clink champagne glass mi thinks.  ***After tonight I am indeed ready for love and all that it brings I open my arms wide to receive it, not to squeeze it but to gently caress it and welcome love to my bosom. I am a woman strong, sexy and sassy, I vibrate and illuminate  After tonight my story is one of victory and strength in the stride of my thick thighs for I am the sum total made in the Creator’s image, perfect for the heart that is meant to love me, cherish and protect me. Tonight was not just about how to put a ring on your finger tonight was all about how to love you first. Be the love you want to receive” ~ Winsome Duncan

Me with Danniella Blechner and Lyrical Healer

(Me with authors Winsome Duncan on the left, and Danni Blechner on the right)

Watch a clip:

I started off by sharing my inspiration behind writing the book, and doing a minute’s Silence: my book launch was on the same day as my grandmother Lena’s passing over, and I acknowledged her, and all our ancestors who have made it possible for us to be here today:

Some of the brothers who contributed to the book sat on the Panel, read their contributions and took questions from the audience, which went down really well!  I asked the audience “What is a Soul Mate?” and we deliberated on this question, and whether we as Afrikans should be following the Western view on marriage and the ‘White Wedding’; should we be looking to get a ring on our finger, or should we be looking to get back to a more Afrocentric Spiritual Union?

Cezanne hosting

Panel members from left to right: Jak Beula (of the game ‘Nubian Jak’), Author Kwame McPherson, Author Darren Moxam, Sculptor Rudi Seebran and Suraj (Seeds of Elevation)

Author Kwame McPherson read his poem ‘You Are…’ Pt 1 which features in the section at the back of the book ‘Poetry from our Brothers‘ (Part 2 is also included!)

The crowd

I performed my poem “I Need a MAN!” just before the break:

How to Get The Ring On Full Boo copy

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 Many thanks for your continued support!

Are you Ready for Love?  Purchase your copy of  ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger!

Ready for Love‘ by India Arie

Thanks India for saying everything I wanted to say in that song!  Since I’m feeling totally loved up right now, I’m also going to share this video by Anthony David which I love, called ‘4Evermore’:

 Nothing beats Black Love!


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