Watch me perform my poem: “I Need a MAN!”

Watch the first YouTube video I’ve made of my live performances!

“I Need a MAN!”

live performance

This is the EDITED version of my poem “I Need a MAN!” (The original is 9.5 minutes long!) In it, I’ve tried to incorporate the different types of Black Woman; the successful Career Woman, the Cultural Sistah, the Single Mother and the Sexy Black Woman (at some point I’d like to do a video where I dress up as all the different characters!)

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“I Need a MAN!”

I’ll be performing it again at Bring Back The Love Pt. 3 this Thursday 25th July, visit my Events Page for details, hope to see you there!

Cezanne Poetess

P.S. To listen to the FULL version of “I Need a MAN!” visit:

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