Seeds of Love Book of Lyrics Gets its ISBN Number!


I have received my first batch of ISBN numbers, and am now in the process of OFFICIALLY publishing my books!

So the paperback  Book of Lyrics to my CD ‘Seeds of Love’  is now published, and will soon be distributed in the shops and libraries WORLDWIDE! (the process takes about 8 weeks!)  But YOU can get YOUR copy from Lulu  for only £5.39! (10% discount).

I’ve not only included the lyrics, but my inspiration behind writing each poem, and their complimentary artwork (where applicable).

The e-book is also available on Amazon for around £2 in the UK or $3 outside UK, so it’s really affordable; and you can still download all 13 poems (mp3’s) from FREE!

So what are you waiting for?


Download all 13 poems from my collection ‘Seeds of Love’FREE, then order the paperback or e-Book of Lyrics to read the words as you listen to the poems! (I thought it would be a good idea to give you that option as some of my poems are quite long, deep and meaningful!)  Even if you’re not into reading much, they’re just good to LOOK at!  – and don’t forget, you can listen to all the poems FREE!

Book of Lyrics Front copy

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can ‘borrow’ the e-book FREE, and you can also Preview the book FREE on Amazon!

‘Every day is a SEED to your future happiness, success and well-being, so plant the seeds TODAY for the future you want to see BLOSSOM!’


Cezanne (artist/poetess/author)

P.S.  If you DO purchase either the paperback or e-book, feel free to leave a Customer Review as it will really help with sales!

Namastu (I bow to the Divinity within you!)

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