Extract from Year Two: Lace Seduction

Lace Seduction

As they lay huddled on the sofa together listening to soft music playing in the background, Charles admired Suzanne’s strong African-Caribbean features in the dim light.

“Can I paint you?” He asked, seemingly randomly.

Suzanne was taken aback, since he had never shared his secret passion for art with her before.

Paint me?” she asked curiously.

“Well, I could start by drawing you – just for fun,” he replied.

She looked at him in surprise; “I didn’t know you could draw!”

“Well I haven’t done anything in years, but I’m thinking about getting back into it again, and what better way than to start by drawing my favourite lady!”

She paused, smiled, shrugged her shoulders and said “Okay, when?”

“No time like the present!” he stated, reaching over for his briefcase.

“Alright then! What are you going to draw on?”

Charles pulled out a drawing pad, pencil and rubber.

“Oh, so you had this all planned!” Suzanne remarked.

“Well I was hoping you’d say yes, so I just thought I’d be prepared.”

“Well then let me change into something a bit more… interesting,” she said, heading towards her Queendom.

“Er, before you go…” Charles called out “…Can you…lose the wig? I’d prefer to draw you in all your natural beauty.”

“…Sure,” she replied hesitantly, not feeling sure at all.  She couldn’t believe that Charles wanted to draw her with her ‘nappy’ hair, whereas he couldn’t understand why she insisted on wearing the wigs and weaves when she had a perfectly good head of natural hair underneath.

Ten minutes later Suzanne re-appeared wearing the red and black Victoria’s Secret lingerie set that he had bought her, with her own natural hair out.  Because it had been in plaits under the wig, it was a mass of wild curls.  Charles eyed her up from top to bottom; her ‘fro was striking in all its natural, untamed glory. The lace and satin bodice she was wearing pushed up her breasts enhancing her cleavage, while the matching thong barely covered her yoni.  Suzanne had also adorned herself in black suspenders and stockings, and the whole look was completed with a pair of high-heeled black patent shoes. The whole ensemble drove him crazy – he could feel Pride rising, but now was not the right time, he thought – down boy!

“Damn!” Charles reacted, “How am I supposed to concentrate with you in that?”

“Come on, be professional about this,” Suzanne teased, strutting sexily over to the couch.

“How do you want me?” She continued to seduce him as she perched herself provocatively on the edge of the sofa, crossing her legs.

“This woman!” Charles thought, smiling to himself.

“Okay…”  He really wanted to catch her striking profile, the contours of her eyes, full lips, broad nose and high forehead, and her slender figure.  For a mother of two, she had a great body, he thought.

“…Why don’t you kind of lie back, rest on your elbows, and drop your head back a bit?” he responded to her question.

She got into the position requested, bending one knee.

“How long do I have to stay like this?” she inquired.

“I’m not sure; do you think you can hold that position?” He asked back.

“I don’t think so, not for long, anyway.”

“Okay, you get yourself into a comfortable position, and I’ll be happy with that.”

Suzanne rolled unto her right side, propped her head up with her right hand, and looking at him seductively, rested her left knee in front on the couch.

“Perfect!”  Charles called out, as if directing a film.

A sudden surge of panic hit him; he hadn’t drawn in over 20 years; what if he made a mess of it?  What if she didn’t like it, and thought he was insulting her looks? What if…..he had to stop these thoughts from crippling his creativity before he even got started;

“I can do this.  I’m a good artist.  I know she will like it,” he told him Self.  With pencil in hand ready to begin, he thought he had better protect his interests for later that night;

“Babe, can I just say before I start that you are a beautiful work of art yourself, and no matter how this turns out, I couldn’t improve on what God has already done naturally.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet!”

Suzanne left her position on the sofa and started making her way towards him.  He dropped his artist’s pad and pencil on the floor ready to receive her.  Straddling his lap, she French-kissed him full on the lips, wrapping her arms around his neck and her tongue around his tongue.  He grabbed each of her bum cheeks, pressing her against his hard-on.

Suddenly she broke away saying “Okay, let’s get back to business!  You’ve got a drawing to do, remember?”

As she slowly meandered her way back to the sofa, she took a fresh red rose from the bouquet in the vase on the table, and getting back into the pose, positioned the rose strategically under her nose.

‘Mind you, she wouldn’t be dressed up like this if I hadn’t asked to draw her in the first place…’  All these thoughts were going through his head as he sat there staring at her, pencil in hand, ready to begin.  Then his imagination began to go wild as he pictured himself taking her from behind, watching her ass jiggle as he drove Pride in and out of her wet vagina with the thong still on, pulling it to one side…“Mmmm…nice touch!” Charles commented.  But secretly he was beginning to wish he’d never asked to draw her.  ‘Look at her!  All ready for a good sex session and now I have to spend God knows how long drawing her instead!

“Have you started yet?” Suzanne burst his bubble.

“Uh?  Oh…Yes, I’m just starting now…”

Charles put pencil to paper.

‘Where do I begin, with her eyes?  The outline of her face?  Her hair?’  Before feelings of doubt could set in, his inner child took over and began to play by putting bold strokes onto the paper.  He allowed his inner child the freedom to create – this was fun!  Charles began to feel something inside coming alive as he set him Self free.  He did his best to capture not only her outer beauty, but her inner beauty and femininity as well.  He emphasized the fullness of her lips, the sensual curve of her hips, and the ancient seductive look in her eyes.  He enjoyed drawing her cleavage, accentuated by the tight bodice.  He then took time to draw the lace detail on the top of her stockings, and the shine in the shoes she was wearing.  He’d never seen them before – in fact, they looked new.  He hoped she would wear them next time they went out together.

‘Why has she given me all this extra work to do with the rose?’ he wondered as he copied each petal carefully. ‘It does add to the composition, though’.

As he was drawing the thorns on the stem, he thought about how much a rose is like a woman; beautiful to look at, but hurtful if not handled correctly.

Suzanne observed Charles as he focused entirely upon his work.  It was as if he no longer saw her as his woman, but an object to be studied.  She saw him go into his ‘zone’ and respected it, as she had often been there when engaged in her writing.  He stared intently as he studied different parts of her body; drawing, rubbing out, and drawing again.  She thought she may as well use this time to think about the business empire she was planning on building…

“I’m glad you like it,” Charles breathed a sigh of relief.Some forty-five minutes later, Charles announced that he had finished.  Suzanne couldn’t wait to see it; jumping up from the sofa, she quickly wiggled over to where he was sitting.  As he handed her the picture, she sat on his lap.  As soon as she saw it she gasped “Oh Charles, it’s… it’s… beautiful!  I had no idea you were this good at drawing!”

“Can I keep it?” She asked.

He had poured his heart and soul into that drawing, and now she wanted to keep it!

“I…suppose so,” he consented reluctantly.

Suzanne noticed that he had titled the drawing ‘Lace Seduction’.

“Mmmm…nice title!” she smiled at him.

“You have real talent here Charles, you should take it more seriously.”  Noticing he hadn’t signed it yet, she asked for his paw print.  He signed and dated it, and gave it back to her half-heartedly.

Placing the drawing on the floor, Suzanne wrapped her arms around his neck again, and kissing him passionately, gave him what he had been dreaming about all along…


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