Original Artwork on Sale!

Three of my original paintings are for sale on my website www.cezannesart.co.uk

Love Bump:

Love Bump Small copy


Black Orchid:

Black Orchid Products



Moondance Products


I’m selling a few of my paintings to raise funds in order to take all my products to the next level (Self-help novel, CD and Prints)

If you like, get your Self a bargain while they are on sale; I have used my artwork to illustrate my novel and they WILL go up in value – invest in Black Art!

For more information about my art visit  http://wp.me/P2oJPB-4n

Prints are also in the making, plus other products featuring  my artwork and poetry; feel free to browse the whole site! www.cezannesart.co.uk

Cezanne (artist/poet/author)

Artisan Impression people

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