Year Four Extract: Finding Her Self

Year Four Book Cover DesignIn Year Four of Suzanne’s 11-year transformational quest for ‘the Truth’, she learns that PRAYERS and AFFIRMATIONS are in fact the same thing! In order to create positive change in her life, she had to speak it into being!

“I Am…”

One of the things Suzanne had earnestly sought God about was learning how to pray effectively. She was tired of praying, believing God that her prayer would be answered, and then nothing happening. But why would God withhold anything good from her?
Indeed, why.
So the issue had to be with the way she was praying, or what she was thinking, saying and doing while she was waiting for her prayer to be answered. The bible made it sound so easy;
‘Whatever things you ask for in prayer believing, you will receive’ (Matthew 21:22)
‘Whatever things you ask for when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them’ (Mark 11:24)
But this ‘ask, believe, receive’ process didn’t seem to be so easy when she actually put it into practice. How many times had she asked believing, but hadn’t received what she’d been praying for? She’d asked for money, a husband, her own home, healing, the list could go on and on. And even though she thought of God as her spiritual Father, He certainly wasn’t treating her like a spoilt brat; she didn’t get everything she asked for. Why not? How did God decide who He was going to bless from who would have to go without, or wait? Did God even make such decisions? If not, what was the deciding factor for getting her prayers answered?

It was at this point in her spiritual journey that Suzanne came across the book: ‘The Master Key System’. In it, she learnt that ‘I’ is the Creative Principle; that is, anything following ‘I’ is creative, so whenever she started a sentence with “I…” she had started the Creative Process.
She also learnt that the word ‘AM’ is Present Tense which brings things into the NOW. Every sentence beginning with “I am…” is an activated prayer – whether it is a positive or negative statement.
So if she used Self-defeating statements like “I can’t afford it” “I don’t know” “I can’t remember”, “I’m stressed out”, “I feel sick”, or “I’m so depressed” she was just going to bring more of that to her.
Whereas if she used Self-empowering statements like “I am a channel for God’s wealth to flow through”, “I am a great creator”, “I am experiencing abundance in every area of my life!”, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” she would attract the situations, circumstances, people, and opportunities to bring her wishes to her.
She learnt that praying is simply ‘asking’, and you ask through your thoughts, words and actions.

In Truth it is not necessary to ‘ask’ for anything, since everything is already available in the unseen realm. Just claim it! To bring it into the physical, Suzanne learnt all that she had to do was keep her thoughts, words and actions in alignment with her desires.
Her thoughts were creating her feelings, and her feelings were the fuel to whatever she was thinking, saying and doing. In other words, whenever she emotionalised her thoughts, words and actions they would become super-charged, and she was able to attract whatever she was thinking about, speaking about and putting action to even faster!
What had she been ‘asking’ for? Looking at where she was in life right now, she could see the results of her past ‘prayers’. She had decided that she wished to be a world-renowned poet, and had taken the necessary actions towards her goal by writing and recording her poetry. But she hadn’t been thinking or saying that she already IS a well-known poet – NOW.

‘Speak those things that be not as though they ARE!’

Suzanne became more consciously aware of her ‘I AM…’ statements.  She realized that by constantly repeating Positive Affirmations to her Self despite what the circumstances looked like, she could transform her life.

She wrote long lists of things she wanted to BE, DO and HAVE, and compiled them into one long poem with she entitled “I Am What I WILL to Be!”

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