‘Art of Tottenham’ Exhibition


I took part in a one-day exhibition organised by Rising Generations, where I had the opportunity to display 5 of my paintings for a day!

Exhibition Art of Tottenham

I enjoyed showing off my work, especially ‘Blue Lotus’ which hadn’t been on display since I painted it in 2010!

Art of Tottenham WOE and LB

It was extremely cold that day, slight snow falling and all, and it was very quiet during the day, but it picked up in the evening!

My photographer friend Brian Quavar came down and took some photos of ‘Wings of an Eagle’, ‘Love Bump’ and ‘Blue Lotus’ so that I could start putting them into print, and they will all soon be available to order from my website: www.cezannesart.co.uk

My King Framed Print

I had a couple of framed prints on display, ‘My King’ and ‘Black Butterfly’ – I’ll be selling framed and mounted prints at any events I attend, visit my Events Page for more details!   (My King/My Queen is only £59.99 set in a bordered A2 frame, I’ve even stuck the gemstones on her crown and earrings!)

If you would like to place an order, email artisanimpression@gmail.com

Cezanne (Black Love Promoter)

Artisan Impression people


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