Join us on SLR Radio this evening! (3rd Dec)

I will be on the 100% SPA Show on SLR Radio 97.7FM and TODAY, Monday 3rd December ,2012  at some point between 7.15 – 9.00pm (UK time ) to talk about my newly released Self-help novel ‘ Single Spiritual…AND Sexual!’. We will be exploring the issues around religion, sex and marriage, and how these three powerful forces in our lives  often collide to make  uncomfortable bedfellows. I will join Star, Buzzin Bee, MGA, and Sista Dee as they discuss the topic of the week – ‘ Women and Sexual Dissatisfaction  Part 2.‘ After such an  overwhelming response from our listeners- they have decided that  there should be a second part to that  debate.  We will also   look  at other areas  like , love, romance, spirituality, culture, youth, news and and media review. The 100% SPA show is from 7.15 – 9.00pm (UK time ). Join the conversation call the studio on 07984 931 588.

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