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Dance in Trance

They arrived back home in high spirits from the evening’s entertainment.

Suzanne had taken Charles to an African restaurant called ‘Back to Africa’ where they had sat on mats on the floor eating pounded yam, egusi soup and other West African delicacies with their hands, while enjoying watching the live African bands playing.  The Kora player had been the highlight of the evening for Suzanne.

The djembe drumming, African dancing and singing had gone to straight the core of their beings, reminding them of their roots.

They had bought the band’s CD and played it all the way back home, and by now, Suzanne was beginning to feel something awakening that had been buried deep within her DNA.  Taking off their shoes at the door, they headed straight for their bedroom.  Suzanne brought the CD with her, put it in the stereo, pressed the ‘play’ button, then lit some candles.   Charles took off his dashiki and jeans and sat on the bed as he watched her enter her wardrobe again.   He knew Suzanne well enough by now to know that he was in for a treat.  He thought perhaps she was going to re-appear in some sexy lingerie, so wasn’t mentally prepared for what he saw when she did finally emerge.

Suzanne seemed to have transformed her Self into some kind of Exotic Dancer/Sexual Healer/Temple-Priestess.  She was wearing a white see-through flowy dress-thing which plunged into a V-shape at the neck-line down to her navel.  It was fitted at the waist, with long, flowing bell-sleeves that almost reached down to the hem of the dress, which dropped in multiple folds down to her knees.  He could see right through it – and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath; her nipples jutted through the sheer material, begging him for attention.   Around her temple, she wore a gold chain with various symbols hanging from it – he’d never seen it before.  She was barefooted, showing off her manicured feet.

Dancing with Ancestors

As she began moving her body to the rhythm of the drum beats still playing on the CD, the spirit of her ancestors seemed to take over. With arms swaying like leaves in the breeze, she twisted and twirled, gyrating her hips in a sensual, sexual manner, as she sent forth her Inner Womb Message.

The whole atmosphere in the room changed.

Charles became aroused, moved almost to tears, and concerned all at the same time.  The look on her face was such as he’d never seen before.  She wasn’t focused on him; she looked as if she was in a trance, totally caught up in the moment.  The elongated shadows on the walls behind her created by the candle-light looked like spirits dancing along with her. Perhaps she was calling on the spirits of her ancestors…or was it the Holy Spirit?  He couldn’t tell – all he knew was that it was a force of Love.   He felt at peace as he watched her; he’d never seen her move like that; was she possessed?  ‘Where did she learn to dance like that?’ He wondered.

When she had finished, she gracefully walked towards the bed where Charles was sitting propped up on one elbow.

“Is there no end to your talents?” he asked, awestruck.

“I can do whatever I put my mind to!” she replied smiling, as she sat next to him on the bed.

Charles stared at her intently as he watched her come back to her Self.  As they sat in silence Charles appeared to be in deep contemplation.  He finally asked “If there was anywhere in the world that you could go, where would it be?”

Without having to think about it, Suzanne responded; “My Motherland, Africa”.

“Africa’s a big place, which part?”

“All of it, but I’d most like to visit Egypt”

“Mmmm….” Charles pondered, as if in agreement. Then tracing a finger over the lump where her nipple was protruding through the dress, he looked her in the eye and asked “Can I take this off now?”

Suzanne held her arms up and helped him remove it.  Noticing that the music on the CD was still playing, Charles got up, started it from the beginning again and turned it up loud. He removed his boxers and socks as he made his way back to the bed.

Both of them were by now bursting with passion.

That night when they made love, it was as if all the heavens, God, the angels and their ancestors were all watching and cheering them on.  It felt like nothing they had ever experienced before.  Suzanne cried from the bottom of her heart, and afterwards, Charles clung on to her for hours, remaining inside her long after he had ejaculated, as if not wanting to break the newly-created bond between them.


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Extract from Year 9: ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’

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