Are you on the journey?

We have now reached Year Seven of Suzanne’s 11-year transformational journey since asking God for ‘the Truth’.

In Year One, Suzanne reaches a point in her Christian walk where she feels she can no longer continue to walk in ‘blind faith’.  Frustrated with the progress she has made in life so far, she writes what some might call ‘an angry letter to God’.

This marks the turning-point in her spiritual journey.

Follow her on her quest for ‘the Truth’ as she begins to learn about the power of her thoughts, Universal Laws, her African ancestry, and the his-story of the bible and religion that she had been indoctrinated into.

In Year Seven, Suzanne writes a song to help her Self and her single sisters attract their soulmates.  Guess who turns up again?  They decide to move in together and use the irresistible forces of Faith, Love and Sex to catapult their business to success!

Cezanne’s artwork and poetry are used to illustrate each ‘Year’.

For full details and links to Years One to Seven:

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