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The book thousands of people have thought about writing but never did…

‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ begins with a young woman’s inner conflict between her religious beliefs and her sexual desires.

After discovering that she was still able to develop a relationship with her Creator despite being sexually active and unmarried, she begins to question all the other things she was led to believe.

Join Suzanne on her 11-year transformational journey to discover ‘the Truth’ about sex before marriage, the creative power of her thoughts, Universal Laws, the his-story of the bible and the religion she had been indoctrinated into, as well as her African ancestry.

 A familiar journey for thousands, this sensational book breaks some unspoken taboos in a thought-provoking yet enlightening way that many can relate to.

It’s the book you’ve been waiting for!

(Warning: contains scenes of a sexual nature)

Here’s some of the feedback I’ve received so far:

 “Cezanne. Bloody hell I am gripped. Your book is very good. Such a needed topic too – is your mum gonna read this? Lol”  Yvonne D.


  “Peace sis, I had to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the first chapter! So much so that I had to purchase the second one. :) I am hoping to get a chance to sit down and get into it later this evening. :) Your writing style is so fluid and I found myself saying out loud “YUP! I’ve said/thought the same thing!”. lol  (I Am…FB Friend)


  “Well, well, well CEZANNE!!!!

The first chapter(s) of your book is amazing!!!! It spoke to me on SOOOO many levels – it was as though you were writing about my experience at times. The church thing is SOOOO on point!!! While experiencing a range of emotions, I wondered, pondered, shrieked, gasped and almost wept when I came to the end!!! From the opening sentence, I felt compelled to read all the way through – I didn’t stop until a few minutes ago! And PLEASE GOD (or Whomever) – any chance of meeting someone like Charles????? (Now, you KNOW I am open to the Universe to bring forward (and prepare me for) such a person – ha ha!!!). I’m looking forward to reading how the relationship progresses…”  – SilverLoxFox, London


“Cezanne, I came across your post encouraging people to download the first chapter of your book by chance. The title alone appealed to me as I am a young black woman on my journey with the Lord, accepting Christianity and loving it. Yet I struggle with my promise to remain celibate.
I’ve read the first chapter and it is truly beautiful. Once I got started, it was impossible to put down. It opened my spirit and reminded me of a feeling I experience when reading Iyanla Vanzant. I can’t wait to read the rest, you are truly talented. All the best in the future. ” – Sher  (FB friend, USA)


Goddess Cezanne. I only downloaded your book an hour ago. Your transparency–with addressing God’s relationship with man–is unlike anything I’ve ever read, but just about EVERYTHING I ever THOUGHT! THIS is why we write! THIS is part of why we are here! ..To develop such a degree of openness and authenticity that would ONLY make us realize all the more that you and I…ALL of us—are not ‘far’ from one another. I thank you, and I honor your courage to press through and realize your gifts and the DEPTHS thereof. One Love   (Gary B. USA)

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Year One: The Truth? 



Year Two: Who Am I?



Year Three: Mind…the Gap!



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“You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you FREE!”


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