Is it possible to be Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual?

Not if you were brought up to believe that sex before marriage is wrong, like me.

If on the other hand you were not indoctrinated into any religion, your answer may be a positive, pillow-biting “Yes, yes, YES!”


The book thousands of people have thought about writing but never did…

‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ is the story of a young woman’s struggle between her religious beliefs and her sexual desires.  After realising that she was still able to develop her relationship with God despite being sexually active and unmarried, she begins to question all the other things she was taught to believe.  The day she asks God for the ‘Truth’ marks a turning point in her life.

Join Suzanne on her 11-year transformational journey to discover ‘the Truth’ about sex before marriage, the creative power of her thoughts, Universal Laws, the his-story of the bible and the religion she had been indoctrinated into, as well as her African ancestry.

A familiar journey for thousands, this sensational book breaks some unspoken taboos in a thought-provoking yet enlightening way that many can relate to.

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The following 10 chapters (Years) will be published week by week for only £1.53p each!

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 It’s the book you’ve been waiting for!

 (Warning: contains scenes of a sexual nature)

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Best Wishes,

Cezanne (visual & spoken word artist/author)

4 thoughts on “Is it possible to be Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual?

  1. Interesting. Congrats on your revelation as well as your commitment to your quest. I will have to read this to make a full, ‘educated’ reply to it. I’m curious to know how you came to this conclusion/revelation. Much love, God’s blessings and take care…

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