Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

Ok, I slept on it and I’ve finally decided on a title for my novel:

‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

After doing a poll on Facebook and by text, the most popular vote was ‘Spiritual, Sexual…So Why Am I Still Single?’

I know lots of people do ask themselves that question, so it probably would increase book sales, but thinking about it, do we really want to be sending negative messages out into the universe?

“…Why Am I Still Single?” just keeps reinforcing the issue!

So what I’m going to do is write an article with that heading, relating back to the novel.  We might even have some workshops on the topic!

But going back to the book, ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ is a much stronger title.  It’s not whining about being single, it’s celebrating it!  I also changed the question mark to an exclamation mark, courtesy of my Facebook friend and cyber-lover Paradise Free Jah Love (how many other cyber lovers does he have? Who cares!)

Just changing the question mark to an exclamation mark added a new dimension to the whole title.  It almost seemed to go from “is it ok to be single, spiritual AND sexual?” to ‘I’m single, spiritual AND sexual, so there, like it or lump it!”  See what I mean?

I like it!

Thanks to all those who voted!

So from next Tuesday (19th June) you’ll be able to download the first chapter (Year One) for FREE! Yes, I said FREE!

I’ll post the link straight from this blog, so make sure you get YOUR copy (subsequent chapters will be published every Friday)

Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

First Chapter available on Amazon Tuesday 19th June – remember to download YOUR copy for FREE!

Cezanne 😉

P.S. If you don’t own a Kindle, get the app to download the book to your iPad or smartphone!

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