‘Spiritual, Sexual…So Why Am I Still Single?’

I went to the Millionaire Author’s Bootcamp at the weekend and OMG…I learnt sooooo much!!!

As a result, I’m thinking of changing the title of my first novel from ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual?’ to ‘Spiritual, Sexual…So Why Am I Still Single?’  or even ‘Why Am I Still Single? which one do YOU prefer?  (I’m open to feedback and it’s not too late to change!)

Not only that, rather than waiting to print a hard copy version, I’ll be publishing it straight to Amazon Kindle starting from next Tuesday! (19th June)

The great thing about publishing it to Amazon is…you don’t even have to have a Kindle!  If you own an iPad or smartphone, you can download it straight to your device!

Another great thing about doing it this way is that I can break down each chapter (representing a year in the main character’s life) and publish them separately.  The original book is packed with Self-help information (it’s fact-based fiction, ) so it makes sense, especially as from Year 3, I’ve used one of my paintings to illustrate each chapter – as one book it would have been too big a file!

So from next Tuesday (19th June) you’ll be able to download the first chapter (Year One) for FREE! Yes, I said FREE!

I’ll post the link straight from this page, so make sure you get YOUR copy – Chapter 2 will be published on Friday 22nd June (subsequent chapters will be published every Friday)

‘Spiritual, Sexual…So Why Am I Still Single?’

First Chapter available FREE on Amazon Kindle Tuesday 19th June – remember to download YOUR copy!

Cezanne 😉

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