Journey of a Sister Extract: ‘The Preparation’

After she had showered and oiled her skin, Suzanne traced a line of her favorite inspired aroma ‘Lovers Attraction’ in dots from behind her ear down to her groin area, hoping he would join them up.

Charles arrived with a bunch of orchids; he had previously taken note that she always liked to have freshly-cut flowers in her living room.  He looked drained, but she could see he’d made an effort.

As he handed them to her he remarked “Something smells good!”

Kissing him on the lips she replied “Thank you! How was your day?”

“Oh, don’t ask – terrible.  I really don’t want to bore you with it all, either.  I’d rather just forget about it for a while…” he moved in for an embrace.  As he hugged her tightly, she could feel that despite being stressed and tired from his day at work, he was still turned on.

Breaking away from him, she headed for the kitchen asking “Are you hungry?”


“I ate earlier with the boys, so I’ll just share yours” (Suzanne rarely ate after 8pm, unless she was out on a date).

“What did you cook?” he said, rubbing his hands together. Charles had worked late preparing Tax Returns, so had built up quite an appetite since lunchtime.

“I made a big pot of soup with yam, sweet potato, pumpkin, dumplings, green banana, plantain, carrots, kale…”

“Sounds good to me!”

While she was warming his serving, she had the idea to give him a treat.  Leaving him at the table to eat alone, she went into the bathroom and ran a hot bath, adding the essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile, which she knew would help relax his muscles and ease his tension.  As she was preparing his bath, the sound of the running water started her inspiration flowing; she felt a poem coming on, so she ran for her notebook and pen and wrote;

‘As you walk in, I can feel your passion…rising

But you’re not ready for me,

See, you’re still carrying the negative energy

you picked up along the way during your day,

So let me run you a bath

and help you wash all your troubles away.

Leave behind all the pressures of life,

The worries and strife

The drama, the bills

And enter, if you will, into my Queendom…

The words flowed as easily unto the page as the water into the bath.  By the time it was filled, Suzanne had finished writing her poem.  She titled it ‘The Preparation’:

She then lit some tea-lights and placed them around the bath, which created a warm, soft glow; this would also help to relax his mind and body.  Finally, she started the CD she had compiled earlier, and with the soft music playing and the bath ready, she called Charles in.  He had finished his soup and fallen asleep on the sofa.  She allowed him to sleep for 15 minutes, then waking him gently, led him by the hand into the bathroom.

He smiled at the scene she had created.

“Get naked” she ordered in a soft-spoken voice.  He only needed to be told once.  Before you could say “Jack Robinson” he was starkers.  She watched as he eased himself into the bath, leaving him to relax undisturbed.

“Aren’t you going to join me?” he called out to her.

“No, I had a shower earlier; this is for you.”

Charles closed his eyes and allowed the aromatherapy to do its work.  Twenty minutes later, Suzanne returned with a sarong wrapped around her body.  She pulled the plug, and as the water was draining, proceeded to wash him down with some handmade soap she had bought.  She then showered him down to get rid of any residual negative energy, dirt and soap.  Finally, she rubbed his body down with a soft, clean towel.  Letting his manhood lead the way like a divining rod, he followed her into her Queendom.

Suzanne took another towel and placed it on the bed, then instructed Charles to lie on top of it on his front.  He lay down and rested his head to one side with his eyes closed, in eager anticipation.  Suzanne straddled his body, and kneeling on either side of him, poured some of Aziza’s Aphrodisiac Love Potion Massage Oil into her hand, rubbing them both together.  Then starting with his shoulders, she used her thumbs to get into the deep tissue muscle between his shoulders to get rid of all the knots.  Charles encouraged her to go deeper.  He could feel the tension easing as she applied pressure to the area between his shoulder blades, as if she was kneading dough to make bread.

To bring his energies into balance she gave him a Spinal Flush; first she loosened up his back by massaging down both sides of his spine, applying her body weight to get pressure.  Then using her thumbs, she massaged between the notches of his vertebrae from the base of his neck all the way down to his sacrum. Staying on each point for a few seconds, she massaged his skin in a circular motion, pressing each point with firm pressure.  When she reached the bottom of his spine she went back to the top and repeated the process to ensure she had released all the congestion stored in his spine, which was blocking the flow of his vital energies.  To complete the final flush, Suzanne brushed her open palms down the length of his back in a sweeping motion, admiring the way his mahogany skin glistened from the oil she was administering.

“Mmmm….you really know how to make a man feel like a king” he murmured.

“Well, you’re my king” she replied softly, bending down to kiss him on the cheek…



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  1. Cezanne, thanks for sharing. This sounds really sensual and evocative. Love the poetry….I’m guessing this is part of your journey. Looking forward to reading more of your work here. 🙂

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